Physiochemical Phenomena of Mechanisms and Rates of Reactions in Melting, Refining, and Casting of Foundry Irons

  • E. T. Turkdogan


Mechanisms and rates of metallurgical reactions are discussed in terms of physicochemical phenomena occurring in melting, refining, and casting of foundry irons. Solidification characteristics of foundry irons and some of the casting problems are shown to be strongly influenced by the interfacial energy-related phenomena. Rate-controlling reaction mechanisms are discussed in relation to the desulfurization of cupola iron in a gas-stirred ladle (batch process) or a reactor (continuous process). Examples are given to show the variations in the rate-controlling reaction mechanisms with the type and scale of the experiments on gas-slag-metal reactions. A brief commentary is made on the rate of gasification of coke and its effect on the cupola performance. The state of gas-slag-metal reactions in the cupola is shown to be similar to that in the iron-blast furnace.

In relation to the subjects discussed in this paper, the following technical data are compiled in the Appendix: (1) solute interaction coefficients in liquid iron alloys; (2) solubilities of Mg, MgS, and TiC in liquid iron alloys; and (3) surface tension of liquid cast iron.


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