Sophie: An Expert System for the Selection of Hazard Evaluation Procedures

  • Stephen L. Nicolosi


SOPHIE (Selection Of Procedures for Hazard Identification and Evaluation) was developed at Battelle-Columbus to assists users in the chemical industry select hazard evaluation procedures. The intent of SOPHIE is to provide managers with guidance on the reasonableness of selected hazard evaluation procedures for a given situation. Managers can use this guidance to assess whether an approach to hazard evaluation implemented by their staff will have high efficiency and effectiveness or whether a reevaluation of approach is desirable. In some cases, the methods selected by an expert hazard evaluation staff may not comply with those methods suggested by the expert system. In such cases, more efficient methods may have been overlooked, or there may be particular circumstances regarding the application at hand which require a different approach. In the latter case, the manager should be made aware of these special circumstances early in the analysis. Application of the expert system, thereby assists the manager and technical staff as a quality assurance mentor for methods selection.


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