Interfaces: The Next NDE Challenge

  • H. N. G. Wadley


Nondestructive evaluation, as practiced in the 1960’s, attempted to detect (but was often unable to characterize) the existence of defects in engineering structures. Qualitative criteria were used in the assessment of defect significance and the determination of accept/reject decisions. Advances in elasto-plastic fracture mechanics during the 1970’s focused attention upon the defect size and orientation- if these could be measured, then fracture mechanics was capable of quantitative structural integrity evaluation. The papers presented in this conference series during the 1980’s trace the considerable advances of quantitative nondestructive evaluation in satisfying this measurement need. Nowadays, for monolithic materials with well defined fracture toughness, the overconservative rejection criteria of the past are beginning to be replaced by “retirement for cause” concepts.


Fracture Resistance Intermetallic Alloy Boundary Segregation Ductile Brittle Transition Temperature Critical Flaw Size 
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