Monoenergetic Ps Created in a Gas and Ps-He Collisions Cross Section Measurement

  • Benjamin L. Brown
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 169)


A source of energetic Ps atoms in the laboratory may make it possible to perform several new experiments. Some of these are Ps gas scattering cross section measurementsl, a search for Ps gas collision resonances2, Ps molecular bound states3 and Ps surface diffraction4. Recent methods of energetic laboratory Ps production include Ps beam-foil production demonstrated by Mills and Crane5 and Ps formation on a clean crystal surface demonstrated by Gidley et al6. One additional method has been proposed where Ps- is formed in a foil and then ionized to produce variable energy Ps7.


Collision Cross Section Positron Beam Incident Positron Annihilation Spectrum Beam Efficiency 
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