T Cell Subpopulations Following Thermal Injury Effect of the Acute Stress Response

  • S. E. Calvano
  • J. D. Albert
  • A. Legaspi
  • B. Organ
  • K. J. Tracey
  • S. F. Lowry
  • G. T. Shires
  • A. C. Antonacci
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In his now famous treatise of 1897, “Adaptation in Pathological Processes,” Doctor William Welch discussed the dynamic physiologic and evolutionary mechanisms at work in an organism’s adaptive response to various 1ife-threatening pathologic processes. In his paper, Doctor Welch aptly suggested:

that the adaptability of this mechanism to bring about useful adjustments has been in large part determined by the factors of organic evolution, but that in only relatively few cases can we suppose these evolutionary factors to have intervened on behalf of morbid states. For the most part, the agencies employed are such as exist primarily for physiologic uses, and while these may be all that are required to secure a good pathologic adjustment, often they have no special “fitness for this purpose”


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  • A. Legaspi
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  • K. J. Tracey
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  • S. F. Lowry
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  • G. T. Shires
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  • A. C. Antonacci
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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryNew York Hospital-Cornell University Medical CenterNew YorkUSA

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