Rockfill in its various forms—dumped, compacted in layers, hand-placed cobbles and masonry, equipment-placed masonry, and wet masonry—has been known since ancient times as a useful, reliable, and durable construction material. Progressing from low, hand-placed walls that have endured for centuries around farmlands, to the base courses and cobble pavements of ancient roads of similar longevity, and then in the midto late 1800s to rock dams of modest size in California, Europe, and North Africa, followed in the 1900s by even larger rockfill dams worldwide, high rockfill dams have become recognized for their safety, adaptability to widely varying site conditions, practicality of construction, and economy. Many papers have been published, testifying to their value and widespread use. Cooke1 in his Terzaghi Lecture, provided the collective experience to 1984. In his chapter on the “Design of Rockfill Dams,” Taylor3 listed 160 papers covering most aspects of the subject. Bureau et al.36 listed 47 papers on seismic analysis alone.


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