Polymerization in the Micellar State: Physicochemical Aspects

  • Angelos Malliaris
  • C. M. Paleos


The physicochemical aspects of the polymerization in the micellar state are reviewed. The synthesis and functionalization of micelle-forming surfactant monomers, as well as their polymerization in the micellar state are briefly presented. The main factors which affect the micellar polymerization, i.e. concentration, medium and topochemistry are discussed, along with the fundamental problem of the rate of propagation of micellar polymerization relative to the rate of the slow micellar relaxation process. Also, general references are made to the organizational and aggregational characteristics of polymerized micelles, including tacticity, viscosity, fluorescence, molecular weight etc. Furthermore, the architecture of polymerized micelles is investigated as a function of the position of the backbone with respect to the polar head and the lipophilic part of the surfactant monomer. Some of the most widely investigated salts, including vinylpyridinium, vinylimidazolium, Na-10-undecenoate, allyldimethyldodecylammonium Br, etc. are specifically discussed. These examples illustrate the differences between micellar and isotropic polymerization.


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    • 1
  • C. M. Paleos
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