An unusual presentation of lymphoma in a homosexual man

  • Sanford Dubner
  • Keith S. Heller


Reported cases of lymphoma in homo-sexual men have increased since the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic was first detected in the early 1980s. Lymphoma in the general population presents more commonly in the head and neck area than in any other anatomical region. Most patients are seen with disease arising in lymph nodes, but many exhibit disease originating in extranodal areas. Parotid lymphomas may arise either in the parotid parenchyma or in the lymph nodes within the parotid gland.1 We discuss a case of lymphoma presenting as a parotid mass in a homosexual man with AIDS.


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  • Sanford Dubner
    • 1
  • Keith S. Heller
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  1. 1.Head and Neck Service, Department of SurgeryBooth Memorial Medical Center affiliate of New York University Medical CenterFlushingUSA

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