In-Situ Monitoring of Particulate Contamination in Integrated Circuit Process Equipment

  • Steven D. Cheung


Particulate contamination in wafer processing is recognized as one of the prime contributors to yield loss in advanced integrated circuit (IC) fabrication. Practical approaches for monitoring and controlling particulate contamination during IC manufacture are needed in order for the microelectronics industry to maintain an acceptable level of manufacturing performance. Critical in achieving this goal is the development of methods to identify and eliminate contamination sources. A technique has been developed to provide real-time concentration and size distribution information of particulate contamination at the “true” point-of-use within atmospheric pressure process equipment. Results are presented showing various applications of this technique.


Particle Generation Flow Splitter Particulate Contamination Diffusion Tube Wafer Processing 
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  • Steven D. Cheung
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  1. 1.Linde DivisionUnion Carbide CorporationTarrytownUSA

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