Structure Investigation of Hard Coatings by Total Pattern Analysis

  • Václav Valvoda


X-ray diffraction is used in structure investigation of hard coatings as a complementary method to the complicated techniques of electron microscopy and electron diffraction. However, the routine X-ray methods are in many cases insufficient for a complete characterization of microstructure of thin films and unusual results are often said to be confusing. The main reason for these confusions is the fact that we are facing a new type of polycrystalline microstructure which is unknown in bulk materials. The only way how to understand the structure of these coatings is to use methods which are as complex as possible and which are accurate enough. The method of total pattern analysis (TPA), based on an analytical approximation of the whole diffraction spectrum, can fulfil these demands if it is accompanied by other methods for direct investigation of stresses and texture in the layers. Application of these methods for TiN coatings is presented here as an example.


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  1. 1.Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsCharles UniversityPraha 2Czechoslovakia

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