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  • Pers-Anders Mårdh
  • Jorma Paavonen
  • Mirja Puolakkainen


Hundreds of millions of people are affected by trachoma, a conjunctival and corneal infection caused by C. trachomatis, mainly of serotypes A, B, Ba, and C (Grayston and Wang, 1975). Certain “genital” serotypes (e.g., D) of C. trachomatis have also been recovered from the eyes of some trachoma patients. In principle, trachoma occurs throughout the world. Infection by C. trachomatis, serotype A, has been demonstrated in the Middle East and North Africa, but not the United States or the Far East (Wang and Grayston, 1982). The disease is a major public health problem in many rural areas of the developing world, particularly hot and dry regions. It is estimated that about 2 million persons are blind and even a greater number of persons are suffering from partial loss of vision as a result of trachoma (Fig. 36).


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