Differences in Transcription Activity and Replication Time of rRNA Genes in a Pair of Heteromorphic Nucleolar Organizing Chromosomes in Transformed Kidney Cells of the African Green Monkey (RAMT Strain)

  • L. I. Baranovskaya


There is a well known correlation between the transcriptional activity of chromatin and its DNA replication in the early S-period on the one hand and genetic inactivity and DNA replication in the late S-period, on the other. Nevertheless, data obtained by various authors on the replication time of genes coding for 28S and 18S ribosomal DNA seem to contradict this regularity. It has been shown that in Chinese hamster cells the bulk of rDNA is replicated in the first half of the S-period, in mouse and Hela cells during the whole S-period; in Kangaroo rat cells in late S-period (for reference see: Balazs and Schildkraut, 1976).


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