Surface Kinetics and Growth Morphology: Theoretical Models and Physical Realizations

  • Boyan Mutaftschiev
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 239)


In the first part of the paper we discuss the shape and phase shift of the reemitted beam intensity when a stepped crystal face is exposed, in vacuum, to periodic square shaped pulses of a molecular beam. Two mathematical solutions are proposed: the periodic steady state solution which allows the determination of mean stay time and scaled interstep distance on the surface from measurements of phase shift and amplitude attenuation of the reemitted beam first harmonic, and a solution valid for long incident beam pulses, according to which the same parameters can be determined from the shape of the reemitted beam intensity.

In the second part are given some experimental results concerning the condensation of submonolayers of platine on Pt(111). A theoretical model analogous to that of the first part but taking into account the irreversible adsorption in this case, allows to interpret the different roughness of the Pt-surface during growth in the temperature range of 130–400 K, as due to the competition between propagation of growth fronts and two-dimensional nucleation on the flat regions between them.

The third part of the paper deals with the changes in the electronic structure of Pt-thin films on Ni(111) after annealing. It is shown that, while in the most cases the work function of the films has an intermediate value between those of Pt and Ni, due to the formation of surface alloy, in the cases when no alloy formation is visible (by LEED), the work function can be very different. This result is explained by the elastic stress of the Pt-overlayers.


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  • Boyan Mutaftschiev
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  1. 1.Centre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueLaboratoire Maurice LetortVillers les NancyFrance

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