The Surgeon’s Description of the Patient Population

  • D. E. Birnbaum


Performing cardiac surgery in a Rehabilitation Center has the advantage of permitting a close follow-up for a long postsurgical period. Thus, we typically dealt with obvious signs of inadequate functioning of vital organs and/or subjective complaints of patients and relatives. This increased our interest in patients’ morbidity after surgery with the aim of beneficial effects in their quality of life. We did this instead of increasing the quantity of surgical procedures which would have been far more popular with those who measure surgery by the number of cases done. So we were happy to join and support this multicenter study. We hoped to enhance our understanding of the patholophysiology of postoperative disease after cardiac-surgical intervention and its possible hazardous side-effects. It became my task to present a description of the patient cohort available to date.


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  • D. E. Birnbaum
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  1. 1.Department of Cardiovascular SurgeryRehabilitation CenterBad KrozingenWest Germany

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