A Hyperconducting 5 MJ 1 MA Pulse Transformer

  • Donald E. Johnson
  • Neal D. Clements
  • Eric Ruckstedter
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 35)


Energy storage pulse transformers offer the possibility of storing energy at 10 to 50 kA and delivering power to the load at I MA or more. We sized a 5 MJ, 1 MA transformer with a coupling coefficient of 0.99. The transformer uses hyperconducting aluminum (high-purity aluminum in a high-strength aluminum matrix) cooled in liquid hydrogen as the primary conductor. The hyperconducting aluminum results in the smallest and lightest transformer design. In this paper we describe how we size closely-coupled (non iron-cored) transformers. We examine the effect of conductor strain, turns ratio, transformer shape, and coupling on the mass of the transformer. Finally, we size the 1 MA, 5 MJ transformer as an example of a full scale system.


Coupling Coefficient Radius Ratio Transformer Mass Transformer Shape Secondary Voltage 
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  • Donald E. Johnson
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  • Neal D. Clements
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  • Eric Ruckstedter
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  1. 1.IAP Research, Inc.DaytonUSA
  2. 2.AFWAL POOC-4Wright-Patterson AFBUSA

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