Evolutionary Meanings of the Primary and Secondary Structures of the “UR-RNA”, A Primitive Possibly Self-Replicating Ribo-Organism Commonly Ancestral to tRNAs, 5S-rRNA and Virusoids

  • Koji Ohnishi


Recent advances in the study of catalytic RNAs have allowed us to consider that the first self-replicating organism was almost undoubtedly an RNA without protein-encoding informations (Watson et al., 1987; Orgel, 1987; Schwartz et al., 1987; Cech, 1989a; Joice, 1989). The class I intron of Tetrahymena pre-rRNA, virusoids, viroids, RNA portion (M1 RNA) of ribonuclease P and the delta element of hepatitis B virus are representatives of these catalytic RNAs (See reviews in Cech, 1989b and Diener, 1987a).


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  • Koji Ohnishi
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  1. 1.Department of Biology, Faculty of ScienceNiigata UniversityNiigataJapan

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