Microstructural Defects in Rapid Thermally Processed IC Materials

  • Alec H. Reader
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 207)


The most important trend in the current development of integrated circuits is the reduction in device dimensions which has lead to a number of specific requirements. The first of these requirements is that the “active” insulators in MOS devices must be ultra thin, typically below 10 nm thick. Using conventional furnace oxidation it is difficult to produce such thin oxides because the oxidation times are too short to be reproducibly controlled. As short annealing times can be carefully controlled in a rapid thermal processing (RTP) system, it can be understood that such systems can be usefully employed to carry-out reproducible short-period oxidations at temperatures typically used for furnace oxidation. Another requirement is that, as lateral device dimensions are reduced, there must be a concomitant shrinkage of the source/drain junction depths in the devices — forming so-called shallow junctions. Also the dopant profiles in the junctions must be precisely controlled. This requires that excessive temperatures and annealing times are reduced, so that less dopant diffusion occurs. However, after implantation of the dopant, a high temperature annealing step is required for dopant activation and reconstruction of the substrate’s crystal-lattice.


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