Single Cluster Clustering

  • Boris Mirkin
Part of the Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications book series (NOIA, volume 11)


  • Various approaches to comparing subsets are discussed.

  • Two approaches to direct single cluster clustering are described: seriation and moving center separation, which are reinterpreted as locally optimal algorithms for particular (mainly approximational) criteria.

  • A moving center algorithm is based on a novel concept of reference point: the cluster size depends on its distance from the reference point.

  • Five single cluster structures are considered in detail:
    • Principal cluster as related to both seriation and moving center;

    • Ideal fuzzy type cluster as modeling “ideal type” concept;

    • Additive cluster as related to the average link seriation;

    • Star cluster as a kind of cluster in a “non-geometrical” environment;

    • Box cluster as a pair of interconnected subsets.

  • Approximation framework is shown quite convenient in both extending the algorithms to multi cluster clustering (overlapping permitted) and interpreting.


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