Problem: Prevention among Families in Trouble

  • Michael J. Stoil
  • Gary Hill


Families may be the greatest potential assets in drug abuse prevention. They also may be the greatest single source of problems. The first person to introduce a child to a drug often is a family member (e.g., see, Andrews, Hops, Ary, Tildesley, & Harris, 1993). This first source is not always a parent: Research indicates that the drug use or even drug advocacy of older siblings has an independent impact on juvenile drug use that is potentially more dramatic than the better-known experiences of children of substance abusers (see Brook, Whiteman, Gordon, & Brook, 1990). Even if no one in the family abuses drugs, parenting practices and attitudes about alcohol and drugs may contribute to future drug use (Weinberg, Dielman, Mandell, & Shope,1994).


Transportation Cocaine Expense Defend Heroin 


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