Humoral Immune Response to Human Cytomegalovirus

Diagnostic and Clinical Implications
  • Maria Paola Landini
  • Tiziana Lazzarotto
  • Paola Dal Monte


Human Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is associated with several diseases in immunocompromised individuals. Diagnosis of CMV infection can be obtained by direct demonstration of the virus or virus components in pathological materials or indirectly through serology. Serological diagnosis gives only indirect evidence of the presence of the virus, and is problematic because of the immunological disorders occurring in most patients at risk of developing a CMV infection. Furthermore, antigenic reagents used in commercially available kits are not standardized and discordant results are often obtained. However serology is cheaper than the other diagnostic tests, requires a short execution time, is safe and can be completely automized.

Furthermore the rapid evolution triggered by the detailed study of the viral genome and its antigenic gene products has allowed a rapid progress in CMV serology. Therefore, it is worthwhile exploring the possible application fields in which the use of serology is justified now adays. This is what this review will attempt to do in general terms and in bone marrow transplant recipients in particular.


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  • Tiziana Lazzarotto
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