Thickness and Conductivity of Metallic Layers from Pulsed Eddy Current Measurements

  • Cheng-Chi Tai
  • James H. Rose
  • John C. Moulder


Coatings and surface treatments find a wide range of technological applications; they can provide wear resistance, oxidation and corrosion protection, electrical contact or isolation and thermal insulation. Consequently, the ability to determine the thickness of coated metals is important for both process control and in-service inspection of parts. Presently ultrasonic, thermal, and eddy current inspection methods are used, depending on the circumstances. A number of commercial instruments for determining the thickness of nonconducting coatings on metal substrates are based on the fact that the impedance change of the coil decreases exponentially with the distance of the coil from the metal (the lift-off effect). However, these instruments are not suitable for determining the thickness of metal layers on conducting substrates.


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  • Cheng-Chi Tai
    • 1
  • James H. Rose
    • 1
  • John C. Moulder
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  1. 1.Center for Nondestructive EvaluationIowa State UniversityAmesUSA

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