Continuous Flow Cryogen Sublimation Cooler

  • R. C. Longsworth
  • A. Khatri
Part of the A Cryogenic Engineering Conference Publication book series (ACRE, volume 41)


A new technique has been developed that permits temperatures below the triple point to be maintained continuously when liquid cryogen is fed to a special cold stage that vents to vacuum. The technology has been demonstrated using hydrogen which has been liquefied by a Displex GM refrigerator and fed to the cold stage at pressures ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 MPa. With no heat load applied the temperature remained constant at 9.7 K independent of pressure. The temperature and sublimation rate increased when heat was applied. This paper describes the device that was tested and presents a theoretical model which explains the results.


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  • R. C. Longsworth
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  • A. Khatri
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  1. 1.APD Cryogenics IncAllentownUSA

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