Microbiology of Fermented Foods

pp 713-752

African fermented foods

  • S. A. Odunfa
  • , O. B. Oyewole

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Fermented foods constitute a significant component of African diets. Many fermented foods are known, some serve as main course meals, others as beverages while others are highly prized food condiments. Those which serve as main meals and beverages are usually products of carbohydrate-rich raw materials. Some of the most important ones in this group include ‘gari’ from cassava, ‘ogi’ and ‘mahewu’ from maize and ‘kaffir’ beer from sorghum. Those which serve as food condiments are usually made from the fermentation of protein rich seeds. These include ‘iru’ from African locust bean; ‘ugba’ from African oil bean and ‘ogiri’ from melon seeds among others. All are known to be good sources of proteins and vitamins.