The Citric Acid Conspiracy

  • John M. Connor
Part of the Studies in Industrial Organization book series (SIOR, volume 24)


In January 1991, Terrance Wilson and Barrie Cox, two top-level officers of the large U.S. agribusiness firm Archer Daniels Midland Company, flew to Europe to meet with representatives of the three largest European manufacturers of citric acid. The two men were unlikely companions. Wilson was a Corporate Vice President and the President of ADM’s big corn products division. He had joined ADM decades before, straight from the U.S. Marine Corps, and had worked his way up from near the bottom of the corporate ladder to be only one step removed from the giant company’s powerful chairman, Dwayne O. Andreas. Although Wilson lacked a college education, his fierce loyalty to the Chairman and dogged pursuit of ADM’s interests had yielded him a position of power and responsibility in ADM unmatched by all but three other officers.


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