Local Anomalies of the Fermi Surface Curvature and the Anomalous Skin Effect in Metals

  • Nataliya A. Zimbovskaya


When the Fermi surface of a metal has points or lines of zero or anomalously large Gaussian curvature it can essentially influence the conductivity of metal under conditions of a strong spatial dispersion. We begin by analyzing this influence. First we consider a metal with an axisymmetric Fermi surface. Let us choose a coordinate system whose z-axis is directed along the symmetry axis of the Fermi surface. We shall write the energy momentum relation for electrons as
$$E(p)\, = \,{{p_ \bot ^2} \over {2{m_ \bot }}} + {E_\parallel }({p_z}),$$
This energy-momentum relation (3.1) describes a fairly wide class of axisymmetric one-sheet Fermi surfaces.


Mirror Symmetry Cose sinO 


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