Superior Hypogastric Sympathetic Plexus

  • Robert G. Watkins


The preaortic sympathetic plexus is a continuation of the thoracolumbar sympathetic chain extending down anterior to the aorta and vertebral bodies in the retroperitoneal space (Fig. 26A). The inferior hypogastric plexus is at approximately the L3-L4 level and the superior hypogastric plexus at L4-S1. There is considerable variation in the structure of the superior hypogastric plexus.l As the superior hypogastric plexus fibers arch over the L5-S1 disc in the bifurcation of the aorta, the predominance of fibers are usually closer to the left iliac artery. These fibers may have the form of multiple strands or one predominant large simple nerve trunk. The superior hypogastric plexus contains the sympathetic function for the urogenital system.


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