Stickelberger Ideals and Bernoulli Distributions

  • Serge Lang
Part of the Graduate Texts in Mathematics book series (GTM, volume 59)


The study of ideal classes or units in cyclotomic fields, or number fields (Iwasawa, Leopoldt), of divisor classes on modular curves (e.g., as in [KL]), of higher K-groups (Coates-Sinnott [Co 1], [Co 2], [C-S]) has led to purely algebraic theorems concerned with group rings and certain ideals, formed with Bernoulli numbers (somewhat generalized, as by Leopoldt). Such ideals happen to annihilate these groups, but in many cases it is still conjectural that the groups in question are isomorphic to the factor group of the group ring by such ideals.


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