The endothelial surface of arteries A scanning electron microscopic examination of normal and anastomosed vessels

  • Carys M. Bannister
  • L. A. Mundy
  • Janice E. Mundy


The scanning electron microscope (SEM) has proved to be a valuable tool for the examination of the surfaces of biologic material. Shimamoto et al(7) were among the first to use it for the investigation of arterial endothelium. They found that the endothelial surface was folded longitudinally, and thought that the folds were formed by endothelial cells standing one behind another in a file. Collatz and Garbarsch(3,4) demonstrated endothelial folds in their SEM studies of arteries, but concluded that the folds were due to endothelial cells covering ridges in the internal elastic lamina.


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  • Carys M. Bannister
  • L. A. Mundy
  • Janice E. Mundy

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