Structure Theory of Fields

  • Nathan Jacobson
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In this chapter we shall analyze arbitrary extension fields of a field Φ. A study of finite dimensional extension fields and a partial study of algebraic extensions has been made in Chapter I. In this chapter our primary concern will be with infinite dimensional extensions and we shall begin again with the algebraic ones. We define algebraically closed fields and prove the existence of an algebraic closure of any field. We shall extend the classical Galois theory to apply to infinite dimensional normal and separable extensions. After this we shall consider arbitrary extension fields and we shall show that these can be built up in two stages: first a purely transcendental one and then on top of this an algebraic extension. The invariant of this mode of generating a field is the transcendency degree which is the cardinal number of a transcendency basis. We shall obtain conditions for the existence of a transcendency basis such that the extension is separable algebraic over the purely transcendental extension determined by the basis. We shall also give a definition of separability of an extension field that generalizes the notion of algebraic separability. The notion of a derivation plays an important role in these considerations.


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