Systems with Autonomous Service

  • A. A. Borovkov
Part of the Applications of Mathematics book series (SMAP, volume 4)


The governing of the systems ‹G A (see § 1), as well as other types of systems, is effected by means of the sequence of random vectors
$$ \left\{ {\tau _{j}^{e},v_{j}^{e},\tau _{j}^{s},v_{j}^{s};j \geqslant 1} \right\} $$

with some initial conditions. These systems differ from the usual ones in that service begins at times 0, τ 1 s , τ 1 s + τ 2 s , τ 1 s + τ 2 s + τ 3 s , …, independently of the input stream. The most interesting systems of this kind are systems with queues and we will treat only them here. Service proceeds by groups of sizes v 1 s , v 2 s , …, or of smaller size if the queue is not long enough.


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