New aspects of organophosphorus pesticides. III. 3-(Thiophosphorylimino-)-oxazolidines, -thiazolidines, -thiazolines, and related compounds as insecticides and acaricides.

  • E. J. Gaughan
  • J. J. Menn
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Part of the Residue Reviews book series (RECT, volume 53)


The synthesis and insecticidal properties of a new series of phosphorus-containing imino oxazolidines and related compounds were first described by Gaughan (1973). Of special interest in this series of compounds was their excellent systemic insecticidal and acaricidal activity via root uptake from treated soils. Although several organophosphorus and carbamate esters have been developed as systemic insecticides and acaricides, only a few possess a broad spectrum of activity and sufficient persistence in plant tissues to remain active for the susceptible stages of the crop plant during the growing season.


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  • J. J. Menn
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