Evaluation of patients with cerebral ischemia using computerized tomography

  • R. F. Spetzler
  • S. D. Wing
  • D. Norman


The management of patients suffering from cerebral ischemia remains a controversial issue. In determining which patients should be considered for an extracranial-intracranial arterial bypass (EIAB), angiography has been routinely employed.(1,4) Angiography, although essential for revealing occlusive and stenotic vascular lesions, does not demonstrate areas of actual cerebral ischemia. By comparison, the analysis of regional arterial blood flow can be effective in identifying areas of local and diffuse ischemia, but the equipment necessary for performing these studies is often unavailable.(5) Computerized tomography (CT), on the other hand, has found wide application throughout numerous medical specialties and is approaching universal availability. We decided, therefore, to perform CT scans on a series of patients suffering from cerebrovascular disease to evaluate the usefulness of this technique in determining patient suitability for an EIAB procedure.(2,3,7)


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  • S. D. Wing
  • D. Norman

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