Potential of reconstructive vascular surgery in the spinal cord—an experimental study

  • G. Kletter
  • R. Meyermann
  • A. Witzmann


Surgical interventions in case of degenerative vascular diseases of the spinal cord—but also in case of traumatic changes in this area—are limited mainly to decompressive operations and interventions on the aorta and its branches. The experiences of the last few years in microsurgery offers us the opportunity of trying to improve blood supply through vascular surgery on the spinal cord itself. This seemed to us of major importance, all the more as studies undertaken by Tönnis,(2) as well as one(l) in more recent years, have shown that traumatic changes occur mainly due to changes in the vascular system, while direct lesions of the spinal cord are caused only by severe traumas.


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  • G. Kletter
  • R. Meyermann
  • A. Witzmann

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