Morphometric approach to fine structural changes in the intima of the common carotid artery of the rat following microsurgery

  • R. Meyermann
  • H. Wismann
  • G. Kletter


Since it was shown in experiments more than 15 years ago that vessels of 1 mm in diameter can be successfully sutured,(6) microvascular surgery has found increasing clinical application. It is being used today in hand surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and neurosurgery. The wide range of applications requires a morphologic examination of the healing process after such interventions. However, only a few examinations of this kind have been carried out. (2,8) It can be assumed that healing processes in small vessels follow a similar course as after other vascular surgical interventions. One must, however, take into consideration that the tissue changes take place in a much smaller space. These changes have a considerable bearing on the success of the intervention. On account of the small vessels, the healing processes are much more critical to success. Histologic examinations can help improve operating techniques. Ultrastructural examinations can give further information on anastomotic vascular surgical interventions.


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  • H. Wismann
  • G. Kletter

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