Ultrastructural Analysis of Preserved Dog Granulocytes

  • J. E. French
  • M. P. Grissom
  • J. F. Jemionek
  • T. J. Contreras
  • W. J. Flor
Conference paper
Part of the Experimental Hematology Today book series (HEMATOLOGY, volume 1978)


Recent randomized, controlled clinical studies demonstrate that granulocyte transfusions in conjunction with antibiotics are efficacious against gram-negative bacterial infection in neutropenic patients without sufficient myeloid reserve (1,17). This probably will initiate requests by clinicians to utilize this blood component in adjunct therapy with antibiotics in the treatment of gram-negative septicemia. However, without suitable preservation methodology, granulocytes cannot be used effectively in transfusion therapy. Liquid preservation for short-term holding before transfusion or after freeze preservation for long-term holding is necessary to increase the granulocyte’s in vitro half-life so that the logistical problems of donor selection and cross-matching to potential recipients can be overcome.


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  • M. P. Grissom
  • J. F. Jemionek
  • T. J. Contreras
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