Characterization of Heteroepitaxial Thin-Film Semiconductors on Insulating Substrates

  • P. J. Zanzucchi


The production of reliable solid state electronic devices from bulk (John, 1967), homoepitaxial, or heteroepitaxial (Koelmans, 1971) material is largely dependent on controlling the properties of these materials. For example, the impurity content and crystallinity of semiconductor materials will strongly influence device performance Semiconductor technology could not have developed so rapidly without some understanding of the properties of materials involved in fabricating solid state devices. Over the past years many measurement techniques have been developed, and it is through the use of these techniques that the performance of semiconductor devices can be related to such properties as the dopant density, impurity content (uncontrolled doping), and lattice perfection.


Silicon Nitride Solid State Electron Epitaxial Film Silicon Film Dopant Density 
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