The Gradient Model

  • Stephen R. Kessell
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To describe the distribution ofthe vegetation, fuel, and community properties, the Glacier National Park gradient model simultaneously uses six continuous environmental gradients, including:
  1. 1)


  2. 2)


  3. 3)

    Time since the last bum

  4. 4)

    Primary succession (soil and vegetative cover development)

  5. 5)

    Drainage (lake and geographic moisture) influence

  6. 6)

    Alpine wind-snow exposure

and four additional categories of variation and disturbance:
  1. 7)

    Intensity of the last bum

  2. 8)

    Slide disturbances (fellfields, avalanche fields, mud and rock slides)

  3. 9)

    Hydric disturbances (floodplains, bogs, marshes, lake edges)

  4. 10)

    Influences of heavy winter ungulate grazing



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