The pancreas develops from two diverticula of the primitive fetal foregut, the dorsal and ventral anlagen, which fuse to form the pancreas (Figure 8-1). The ventral anlage rotates behind the foregut to form a part of the head of the pancreas and uncinate process; the dorsal anlage forms the major part of the head of the pancreas and the body and tail. Identification of these anlagen is possible from the fourth or fifth week through the seventh week of fetal development.1 Each anlage contains a duct; these ducts fuse in the neck of the pancreas. The duct from the ventral anlage persists as the larger duct, the duct of Wirsung, and the duct from the dorsal anlage becomes the smaller duct of Santorini. The place where these ducts fuse in the neck of the pancreas is an area of partial narrowing or tortuosity with the potential for congenital pancreatic duct stenosis or partial obstruction.


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