Conclusions and Speculations

  • Rütger A. Wever
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From the results of human isolation experiments discussed in this book, several conclusions can be drawn. These conclusions concern the structure of the human circadian multioscillator system (its “Wirkungsgefüge”; v. Holst, 1939b; Mittelstaedt, 1954; i.e., the cybernetic analysis of this system) and may be helpful in preparing the ground for an analysis of the concrete mechanisms underlying circadian rhythmicity. These conclusions also concern practical implications of the special properties of human circadian rhythms. It was the primary aim of this book to derive basic features of the circadian system. The main emphasis, therefore, was placed on the theoretical aspects. The practical aspects which must be founded on a solid theoretical analysis, however, cannot be ignored and must be touched on in a concluding section. Furthermore, the theoretical and practical considerations are tempting for entering speculations beyond established facts.


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