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Antigens and the Major Histocompatibility Complex

  • James Forman
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 1)


Neoplastic cells express cell-surface antigenic molecules, referred to as tumor-associated transplantation antigens (TATA), that can be recognized by the host’s immune system (Gross, 1943; Foley, 1953; Prehn and Main, 1957). A consequence of such recognition is the production of either a humoral and/or a cell-mediated immune response which may or may not lead to protective immunity against the tumor (reviewed by Hellström and Hellström, 1969). While some immune responses do not involve cell-mediated immunity mediated by thymus-derived (T) lymphocytes, most types of responses are at least indirectly dependent on the ability to activate antigen-specific T lymphocytes.


Major Histocompatibility Complex Antigenic Determinant Major Histocompatibility Complex Allele Private Specificity 17th Chromosome 
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