Proteolytic Mechanisms and Pulmonary Emphysema

  • Gerard M. Turino
  • Stephen Keller
  • Tukaram V. Darnule
  • Mohamed M. Osman
  • Ines Mandl


Pulmonary emphysema causes between 40.000 and 45.000 deaths per year in the United States. However. most people with this chronic illness. whose natural history extends over many years. are physically disabled by severe breathlessness for much of their late adult life. It is estimated that in the United States. several million people are disabled from some form of airway obstructive disease — including pulmonary emphysema (Task Force Report 1980).


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  • Gerard M. Turino
  • Stephen Keller
  • Tukaram V. Darnule
  • Mohamed M. Osman
  • Ines Mandl

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