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Ureterorenoscopy and Transurethral Endoscopic Surgery of the Ureter and Renal Pelvis

  • Irving M. Bush
  • Paul R. Fieldstone
  • Patrick Guinan


Clark [21] has stated, “Few urologists would operate upon a bladder without looking inside it first, but how many will look inside a kidney?” When this statement was made a few years ago, it seemed quite futuristic. But with recent developments in nephroscopy and ureterorenoscopy, it is now feasible to visually examine the ureter, renal pelvis, calyces, and renal papillae [8,10]; basket high ureteral stones under vision [11], break stones apart inside the kidney [11]; and biopsy and fulgurate upper urinary tract lesions [11]. In the near future, ureteropelvic junction and calyceal obstructions may be dilated and desiccated open [18], and the function of individual segments of the kidney will be determined by direct observation and by selective catheterization of individual collecting ducts, as has recently been performed through a pyelotomy (Fig. 18.1)[19]. Earlier detection and perhaps even local treatment of ureteral, renal pelvic, and some renal tumors will be possible.


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