Position Paper: Differential Features of Beta- Adrenoreceptor Blocking Drugs for Therapy

  • Denis G. McDevitt


More than 30 years ago, in studying the effects of six sympathomimetic amines on a variety of effector systems, Ahlquist (1) classified adrenore-ceptors into two distinct types: alpha-receptors, whose stimulation produces excitatory responses, and beta-receptors, whose activation results in in-hibitory responses plus cardiac stimulation. Beta- receptors have been further classified into betai-receptors (which occur chiefly in the heart) and beta2-receptors (which occur elsewhere) (2). The distribution of adrenoreceptors is shown in Table 1, although it now appears that more than one type of beta-receptor may 1, although it now appears that more than one type of beta-receptor may be present both in the heart and in the lung (3).


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