Vascular Complications of Musculoskeletal Disorders Produced by Trauma

Part 1 Injury to Main Blood Vessels
  • David I. Abramson
  • Donald S. Miller


Since fractures of the bones of the extremities, dislocations, and sprains may be associated with injury of neighboring vascular channels, it is always necessary to consider the possibility of the coexistence of the two types of disorders when planning the therapeutic approach to the orthopedic problem. Some workers believe that because of the relatively greater seriousness of the circulatory condition, its control takes precedence over the repair of the musculoskeletal difficulty [24]. Others, however, are of the opinion that a fracture, for example, should be handled first through stabilization by an appropriate form of internal fixation [4]. There are certain disadvantages to the latter approach since the insertion of internal fixating devices adds to the period of ischemia of the limb which may thus be critically prolonged. Moreover, the procedure contributes to further soft-tissue disruption and venous stasis, both of which may adversely affect the viability of the extremity.


Ischemia Foam Gelatin Perforation Bivalved 


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