Ultrasound Therapy

  • Harold F. Stewart
  • Michael H. Repacholi
  • Deirdre A. Benwell
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Interest in the medical applications of ultrasound dates back to the early 1930s (Freundlich et al., 1932). The first reported use of ultrasound in physical therapy was published in 1939 (Pohlman et al., 1939). After World War II great interest was shown in the field and by 1949, at the Congress of Ultrasound in Medicine, 75 papers were presented on the physics, biological effects, and clinical resuits of this methodology. In 1955 the Council on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the American Medical Association suggested that ultrasound be used as an adjunct to other forms of treatment to help relieve symptoms of pain, soreness, and tenderness associated with (1) nonspecific types of bursitis, periarthritis, fibrositis, tenosynovitis, myofascitis, and myositis; (2) rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis; (3) and nonparalytic forms of neuritis, such as sciatica, brachial neuralgia, and painful neuromas of the stump after amputation. Today ultrasound is widely used in physical therapy.


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