First Steps towards the Measurement of Neutrino Masses in Electron Capture

  • A. De Rújula
Part of the Progress in Physics book series (PMP, volume 6)


I have been asked by Paul Frampton, organizer of this TWOGU, to report on the progress of experiments aiming at the measurement of m(νe) in electron capture. It is very easy for a theorist to report on experiments: one need not understand what one is saying, and the audience reacts with a motherly patience of an unusual kind. The people responsible for the work I will talk about are: J.V. Andersen, D.F. Anderson, G.J. Beyer, G. Charpak, B. Elbek, H.Å. Gustafsson, P.G. Hansen, B. Jonson, P. Knudsen, E. Laegsgaard, J, Pedersen and H.L. Ravn.


Electron Capture Neutrino Mass Cation Exchange Resin Photon Spectrum Nuclear Matrix Element 
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