The Introduction of MAES®

  • Edsger W. Dijkstra
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“Mathematics Inc. proudly announces MAES®, its knowledge-based Mathematical Articles Evaluation System. Developed and tested for internal usage by the World’s Leading Manufacturer of first-class mathematical products, MAES® is an indispensable quality control tool for professional producers and consumers of Twentieth Century Mathematics. Being adopted by most of the International Mathematical Journals to replace their subjective, error-prone, labour-intensive and time-consuming refereeing process, MAES® will be welcomed by the Scientific Community as an enlightening new standard. In order to assist your mathematicians in the writing of the significant articles that give recognition to your Institute, Mathematics Inc. has acquiesced to give in all the leading Scientific Centers of the World our special three-day course “How to increase the MAES®-grade of your publications”. Courses in London, Philadelphia, Moscow, Amsterdam, Grenoble, and Djakarta have already been planned, courses in Cambridge, Austin, Oxford, Brussels, Munich, Oslo, New York, Hong Kong, and Loempia are in a stage of active preparation. For the larger Scientific Institutes and Universities, the friendly specialists of Mathematics Inc. will be happy to give a personalized in-house Course, fully tuned and adapted to the special needs of your organization.”


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