Trip Report E. W. Dijkstra, Newcastle, 8–12 September 1975

  • Edsger W. Dijkstra
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On Monday the 8th of September I flew —i.e. “was flown”— from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in the late afternoon. In the early evening I flew from Amsterdam to Newcastle. I did so in the company of Goos —now from Karlsruhe—, whom I had met in the waiting area of Schiphol Airport and who was heading for the same destination as I: the IBM/Newcastle Symposium. Like nearly all German professors he talked more about the situation at his university than about his work. He told me that now they have 700 (!) students in computing science, and I could only guess what he taught them. British Caledonian was only fifteen minutes late, and the flight was about as pleasant as flights can be. After landing, the Newcastle cold surprised us; it would surprise us for the whole rest of the week.


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