Pathophysiology of the Nonchromaffin Paraganglia

  • Frederick G. Zak
  • William Lawson


Early attempts to clarify the function of the carotid body were concerned with the effects of bilateral glomectomy on the entire organism or of unilateral extirpation on the remaining glomus. These experiments were performed at a time when the widely accepted paraganglion hypothesis had proclaimed a glandular role for this organ analogous to the adrenal medulla and were directed at establishing a deficiency syndrome resulting from the elimination of the presumed internal secretion by ablation of these organs. With the exception of the report by Mulon (1904), injection of “carotid gland” extracts had already failed to produce a pressor effect (Gomez, 1908; Vincent, 1910; Frugoni, 1912), so that effects other than cardiovascular were now sought.


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