• Harlan B. Miller
  • William H. Williams
Part of the Contemporary Issues in Biomedicine, Ethics, and Society book series (CIBES)


The papers in this volume connect with one another in many different ways, and therefore many alternate groupings are possible. One might group together the contributions of Fox, Scanlon, Wenz, and Tideman on the importance of the ecosystem-wide perspective. Or one might put into a single section those papers dealing with the variability of moral and legal standing (including, at least, those of Baier, Rachels, and Rollin). A section on rights might include the papers of Fox, Regan, and Rollin, in addition to those of Frey and Rachels. A section on utilitarianism would contain the papers of Cargile, Gruzalski, and Narveson, and perhaps others. Yet another plausible grouping, on the subject of sympathy and its limits, would include Baier, Buchanan, Clark, Fox, Tideman, and perhaps Daws, Gross, and Spira.

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